Glassparency Window Treatment for Cars

Rainy Climate - At GlassParency, we prioritize safety above all else. Our product is designed to provide unmatched hydrophobic properties in a range of climates, from tropical to four-season. This ensures that during rain storms, water droplets and sheets off the windshield, improving visibility and reaction time significantly. Additionally, night glare is reduced, making for a safer experience for drivers and their passengers.

Dry Climate - If you live in a dry or arid climate, you'll need more than just a water repellency coating to keep your vehicle's glass clean and maintained. GlassParency provides a solution to this problem, by sealing the glass and preventing dirt and dust build up. This makes it easier to remove any hard mineral water spots, and reduces the chances of staining.

Arctic Climate - Driving in harsh winter weather can be made easier with a GlassParency treated windshield. Ice, snow, rain and sleet will repel off of the glass, giving you a clearer view of the road. The treatment also makes it harder for ice to adhere to the glass, making removal easier. Additionally, your vehicle will benefit from faster defrosting times.

Garage Climate - GlassParency is an essential feature for collector, luxury and exotic cars. Treating your glass with it makes it look clearer optically, which enhances the overall look of your vehicle. Fingerprints, water spots and dirt can be easily wiped away, meaning that your car will remain cleaner for longer, even if it is stored in a garage.

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Glassparency Home

Spend More Time Admiring Your Home & Less Time Maintaining It

You'll only have to apply GlassParency's liquid glass coating to your windows once. After it has been applied, you'll discover that the glass remains clean and requires less maintenance. Our coating guards against dirt, dust, grime, oil, hard water stains, and other contaminants. Treated glass surfaces will be more resistant to snow and ice and will be much simpler to remove. Our patented liquid glass coating does not require any curing time, so it can start defending against the elements right away.

Glass Becomes Optically Clearer - By treating your home's windows with Glassparency, the optical clarity of the outside view will be enhanced, making it more visually appealing.

Easily Wash Away Dirt, Dust & Grime - Glass treated with Glassparency is resistant to dirt, dust, grime and hard water stains, making them easy to wash away.

Resist Hard Water Staining - Treated glass becomes more resistant to hard water staining, leaving your windows optically cleaner, and improving the overall appearance of a treated home or building.

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Glassparency Marine Glass Coating

A Revolutionary Glass Treatment

You won't need to be concerned about salt water stains or deterioration on your boat's glass surfaces when you use our marine glass coating. This coating makes it easy to remove bird droppings, oil, fish blood, and beverages. Plus, salt water will just slide off your marine glass, boosting visibility in stormy weather. Additionally, the coating will lower any headstrong glare while operating the boat. This safety benefit is essential for everyone on your marine vessel because the sun's reflection on the water can be obtrusive at times.

Prevents Saltwater Degradation & Hard Water Staining - Salt water will be prevented from damaging marine glass over time by repelling it. Treated glass will be more resilient to hard water staining, making it appear optically clearer and enhancing the look of a treated vessel.

Limit Solar Glare - Enhance your boating experience by reducing the glare reflecting off the water with treated glass. Glassparency treated glass coating for your boat is designed to block light from refracting through the glass, making it easier on your eyes and enabling you to see more clearly. 

Ease of Maintenance - Marine glass coating creates a more perfectly smooth surface, making it harder for contaminants like dirt, bugs, bird droppings from entering. Simply wash away the debris - making maintaining any boat's glass a breeze.

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3-Year Warranty

Our three-year product warranty guarantees that GlassParency automotive applications will perform at their optimal level, provided that the glass is properly maintained. For best results, the maintenance process should be handled by the same Authorized Installer who applied the product.

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