Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

person cleaning interior of a car

Full/Complete Detail

Are you looking to get your car as clean as possible with minimal effort? Look no further than Brian's Auto Detailing, LLC. Our Full Detail Service combines the best of our Interior Detail and Exterior Detail services, giving you the perfect package at an unbeatable price. Our team has the experience and expertise to handle any job, big or small. When you choose Brian's Auto Detailing, LLC, you can expect nothing less than professionalism, efficiency, and outstanding results.

Starting at $180 + tax / with Motor - $200 + tax

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person cleaning interior console of a car

Interior Detailing

Nothing feels better than climbing into a clean car and with Brian's Auto Detailing, LLC we get your car's interior sparkly clean. We use our own proprietary shampoo blend which no only provides a deep clean but also deodorizes and kills 99.9% of germs. 

Our interior car detailing service includes:

  • Complete Vacuum of Interior, Including Floor Mats
  • Hand Shampoo, Scrubbing & Disinfecting of All Interior Surfaces (carpet, floor mats, plastics, leather, fabric, and headliner)
  • Cleaning of All Compartments, Door Pockets, Consoles, Cup Holders & Glove Box
  • Clean & Blow Out Between & Under Seats, Cracks, Crevices, Seat Tracks with Compresses Air & Special Brushes 
  • Interior Windows Cleaned
  • Paper Floor Mats Installed to Keep Driver Side Carpet & Mats Clean

Starting at $140 + Tax

Please Note: Interior detailing service that takes longer than 3 hours due to extreme conditions will be charged an additional $40/hour extra.

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large red truck

Exterior Detailing

Brian's Auto Detailing offers a comprehensive exterior car detailing service that will leave your car sparkling and looking brand new. Our experienced detailing team uses the latest products and techniques to restore your car's exterior to its original condition. We offer a variety of services, including washing, waxing, polishing, and buffing as well as paint protection and wheel detailing services to keep your car looking great for longer.

Starting at $150 + Tax

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man corrected paint on a car

Paint Correction

Brian's Auto Detailing, LLC offers top-of-the-line paint correction service for cars. Our paint service will restore the original luster and shine of your car's paint job. Our technicians use advanced tools and techniques to identify any paint defects, then correct them with specialized compounds and polishes. With the paint correction service, the technicians remove oxidation, dirt, and minor scratches to restore the original color and finish. The results are a car that looks like new with a deep, glossy shine that will last for years.

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interior white leather seats of a car

Odor Removal

Brian's Auto Detailing, LLC's odor removal service will get your car smelling fresh and clean! Our experienced team uses advanced technology to neutralize odors and eliminate the source of the smell. Our odor treatment will leave your car smelling like new. We also offer an interior shampoo, which is an effective way to deep clean the interior and remove any lingering odors. Our team is committed to providing you with an odor-free interior and a car that smells like it just rolled off the lot.

For extreme odors, we also provide ozone generator treatment for your vehicle.

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rain drops on a car mat

Interior Protection

We help you protect the interior of your car to help keep it looking like new as long as possible and to protect it from everything life throws at it. Brian's Auto Detailing, LLC's interior protection treatment creates a hydrophobic barrier in your car's interior to help prevent stains from settling in. This treatment makes future clean ups quicker and easier to get rid of.

  • Small to Mid-Size Vehicles - $100
  • Large to Extra Large Vehicles - $125

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front of four parked cars

Fleet Detailing Service

We provide reliable and professional fleet detailing services to help extend the life of your vehicles and keep them in a pristine condition. We understand that many companies need their vehicles during normal business hours and have adapted our operations to better serve these types of vehicles. For example, we have installed a secured key drop box so that your employees can drop off the vehicle at the end of their workday for overnight detailing services. Additionally, our logistics staff can also pick-up and deliver, free of charge. To make it easier for fleet managers to keep track of our services, we now offer customizable transparent reports. We are committed to accommodating your company's maintenance budget and helping you save money in the long run. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for all your fleet detailing needs.

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electrostatic technology graphic

Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting for Auto/Home/Business

Our Protection Interior Detailing Package ensures you and your family are riding in a safe and healthy atmosphere when they are inside your vehicle. We are taking clean to a whole other level!

What is Electrostatic Spraying?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned new attention to disinfection processes. If you’ve heard any expert discuss disinfecting non-standard areas like fitness centers, restaurants or hospitals, you’ve probably heard them mention electrostatic spraying. But how do electrostatic sprayers work?

They're based on the principle that opposite electrical charges attract. If you take the “positive” end of a magnet and put it against the “negative” end of another magnet, they attract and stick. If you put the positive ends of two magnets together, however, they repel each other. An electrostatic sprayer is a device that electrically charges disinfectant, giving the solution a positive charge. Electrostatic sprayers use this principle to ensure fast, even coverage of the disinfecting agent.

The positively charged particles of the disinfectant in the sprayer seek out and cling to negatively charged, or grounded, surfaces (which is basically every surface in a hospital room, office, food service facility, etc). At the same time, those particles of the disinfecting solution repel each other. This means you’ll get safe, thorough coverage – without clumping or over-spraying. It also means you’ll be able to coat (and therefore disinfect) tight spaces and those areas that are out of your line of sight.

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